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We keep you informed every step of the way.

One of the unique things about having millennial clients is the level of knowledge & research that they bring to the table when discussing the design, remodeling, & construction of their home or business space with us. In other words, millennials do their homework & they typically know exactly what they want, bringing us pictures and detailed design ideas. We greatly respect & appreciate this level of collaboration with our clients.

Throughout the building or remodeling of your home or business, we like to keep you informed of everything that's going on. If you are in the area, we welcome you to drop in as often as you like & check on the progress of your project, but if work or family schedules keep you away, we will continuously update you on every stage & step of the building and development process.

We use multimedia, mainly copious pictures and videos, to document the progress of your project. You may even have to stop us from e-mailing & texting you with all of the new & exciting things happening throughout the the execution of your project.

Our 'No Project is too Small ' Approach

Whether you're looking to design & build a dream apartment or a dream closet, we want to work with you. (And we mean it about the dream closet! Contact us & we can tell you more about our design & building ideas for small spaces such as wall units, closets, beauty rooms, gazebos/patios, outdoor kitchens, storage spaces, garages, & more.)

We are often surprised at how many clients tell us that they were hesitant to contact us because they thought their project was too small or insignificant. Our response is always the same: We're glad you decided to contact a licensed professional because it's common for people to attempt to try to do small construction projects either themselves or by using the services of unlicensed workers, which can lead to poor quality outcomes & projects being completed that are not in compliance with building codes. This can cost you even more time & money than what your small project is worth.

We take on both big & small projects & we guarantee that you will receive the utmost quality & customer service, regardless of your final project goals.

We also provide budget-friendly design & construction options. Contact us because you might find that you are able to do more with your home or office space than you previously thought you could afford.

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